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Personal Information

You can download my CV in pdf format or you can browse through my personal details in this page. If you are interested in my work I can gladly email more information. My Ph.D. in pdf format and the presentation through which i defended my thesis are also available for download (both in greek). I have also included an abstract of my thesis in english.

For updated information on my work and interests please visit



Ph.D. in Information Engineering, NTUA, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineers.

Thesis: Time-Series analysis with Statistics, Artificial Neuron Networks and Dynamic Measures (Application on Medical Data).


M. Sc. in Information Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineers.

It included 10 courses some of which were: Artificial Neural Networks and AI, Algorithms and Complexity, Game Theory, Data Structures.

Degree in Statistical Science, University of Piraeus. Biostatistical direction chosen, although there is a strong background in Financial Mathematics. Grade 7.4/10



Curriculum Vitae (eng)
131 kb / *.pdf
Ph.D. Thesis: Statistics & ANN in Psychiatric Applications (eng)
5.8 mb / *.pdf
Presentation of Ph.D. Thesis (gr)
874 kb / *.zip *pps
Abstract of Thesis (eng)
58 kb / *.pdf

Left click to open pdf files in a new window. Right click and choose "Save link as" (or "save as") to save the files in your pc. Choose the second option especially if you want to open a large pdf like my thesis.