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MATLAB is a powerful tool with numerous toolboxes that serve many aspects of science and engineering

I am mainly interested in the following toolboxes


bulletArtificial Neural Networks.

bulletFuzzy Logic.

Below you can download a number of functions that I compiled during my Ph.D. course. My work included Signal Processing with Statistics and ANN so most files are about feature extraction, time-series prediction and related goals.

They are organised in the following categories, available for download as *.zip files. You need Winzip or WinRar to open.

Click on each link to download. I hope the comments are helpful enough.

Correlation Matrix Memory functions
Transforming data: Fourier etc
Check data for errors. Missing files, values...
Various plotting functions
Importing data and calculating amplitudes and latencies. (some built by Chris Vassios)
Functions removing cells and rows/columns from tables
Set of functions used to train ANN and use them to predict part of a signal
ANN training and prediction with Fast Fourier Transform
Some basic tests and graphs
ANN training and classification based only on Amplitudes and Latencies
Convertors from *.mat to *.text files (for data)
Various functions extracting features from signals